Pippa Greenwood visits Uplyme – Review

On Wednesday April 25th the well-known botanist and garden pest/disease expert Pippa Greenwood from Radio 4′s Gardeners’ Question Time gave a talk entitled ‘Something Nasty in the Garden’.

Pippa turned out to be as warm and bubbly as she sounds on air. Not a hint of the ‘Great Celebrity’ about her. The talk was a sell-out and the questions at the end fast flowing. It was a real pleasure to hear from someone who knew their subject so well.

Thank you to Jenny Harding, whose birthday it was that day, for organising it.

Pippa Greenwood
Pippa Greenwood

A really great evening.

Jenny O.

P.S. Did you know that slugs spend 90% of their time underground? No? Well neither did I until I hear it from Pippa.