Harvest event at Trill

SEED BOMBING with Josie Jeffrey

An introduction to the seedbombing revolution with Josie followed by a Harvest Celebration Supper. Seedbombing is another form of seed dispersal, a human intervention into what is already happening in nature anyway. It is an efficient way of deliberately dispersing seeds whilst working in harmony with nature by being considerate of wildlife and natural habitats.

Share seeds and learn to make seedbombs to disperse or give as gifts.

Friday 5th October. 6pm for 6.30pm

Josie Jeffrey:

Josie grew up living in a bus with her family who collected and distributed seeds and rescued seed saplings from roadsides on their travels. She studied Horticulture and Garden Design in Brighton and has been seedbombing for 5 years. In 2009, her business SeedFreedom sprouted and developed into a successful livelihood with commissioned workshops and appearances at key gardening events.


Blackberry Kir
Corn soup
Fresh baked bread
Pumpkins stuffed with wild mushrooms, barley and herbs with walnut and tahini yoghurt.
Autumn salad leaves with sprouted seeds & mustard seed dressing
Apple cake with almonds and rosehip cream.

£17.50 Book online or call Zoe on 01297 631113