Town Mill Garden Party with a difference

Come to the Town Mill Garden Party on Sunday 21 April between 10.00 a.m. and 1.00 p.m. but be prepared to roll your sleeves up. Town Mill volunteers Bobbie Smith and Kimberly Clarke are organising a volunteer garden working party to get the garden back in shape for a garden party and plant sale on Saturday 22 June.

The Miller’s Garden located behind the Town Mill courtyard has been designed to re-create a 17th century garden. The plan creates four raised beds around a mulberry tree at their centre. Gravel paths separate the beds and join a 4ft wide path encircling the garden. Wherever possible, the aim is to use plants that would have been available to the miller and his wife in the 17th century.

Bobbie and Kimberley hope to attract new garden volunteers. There will be follow up sessions at the same time on Sunday 19 May and Sunday 16 June so anyone who loves plants and doesn’t mind giving a few hours on one or more of these days will be very welcome. And if you don’t fancy gardening but have some plants to donate to the plant sale just come along to the garden party on 22 June.

Anyone interested in volunteering should contact The Town Mill at or on 01297 443579.