Talk: Climbing Plants

Climbing Plants – whizz kids of the plant world – are the subject of garden designer Jenny Short’s talk at the horticultural society on Wednesday June 26th.

Climbers will complement a beautiful wall, rush up into a tree, frame an entrance, or tumble over an unattractive shed. The ugliest fence can vanish under a cascade of flowers or foliage. Jenny discusses what kind of support, from sophisticated trellis to wires on walls; which plants for which aspect – no need to be daunted by the prospect of a north wall; and how to choose so that there are flowers somewhere in your garden year-round. A climber does more than most plants to add maturity, and its impatient, vigorous race for the light creates beautiful clothing for garden structures.

Jenny illustrates her talk with plants and projected slides, beginning at 7.30pm at Uplyme Village Hall. There are refreshments and the chance to ask questions and meet fellow gardeners and plant enthusiasts. Everyone welcome, free for members; £2 non-members.

IMG_3284Perfumed honeysuckle Lonicera Americana – one of the climbers Jenny Short recommends for a north-facing site