Another Apple Tree Pruning Workshop

Local horticulturist Phil Gamble will lead a free apple tree pruning workshop at the Anning Road Community Orchard on the south side of Anning Road, Lyme Regis, (east of the junction with Woodmead Road, just before the first house). Beginning at 10.30am on Sunday March 19th, the session will last for a couple of hours. Under Phil’s watchful eye you could gain hands-on experience of pruning apple trees. Everyone is welcome – no need to book, just turn up – there is no charge.

This is the second pruning workshop of the winter to be led by Phil. The previous meeting in February took place on Slope’s Farm where Turn Lyme Green planted their first apple trees as part of the Community Orchard project seven years ago. Phil showed how to go about the normal winter pruning of apple trees and demonstrated how to deal with problems encountered such as a broken branch on one tree, canker on another, crossing branches, vigorous water shoots and crowded centres. And he pointed out how previous years’ pruning sessions had affected the growth and shape of the trees. Expect more of this at the Anning Road orchard on Sunday March 19th.