May Meeting and Talk

DATE Wednesday May 24th
TIME 7.30pm
TALK ‘Searching in the Dark: Unravelling the Mysteries of the South West’s Rare Bats’ by Dr Fiona Mathews

VENUE Uplyme Village Hall

Our speaker Dr Fiona Mathews will talk about her work on Greater Horseshoe, Bechstein and Grey Long-Eared bats. Fiona is Chair of the Mammal Society; Associate Professor in Mammalian Biology at the University of Exeter; Member of the State of Nature Report Steering Group; Advisor on bats and their conservation to Defra, DECC, Natural England, Resources Wales and Scottish Natural Heritage; Science advisor to the Devon Greater Horseshoe Bat Project; and Member of the South Hams Greater Horseshoe Special Area of Conservation Steering Group.

Coffee, tea and cold drinks will be available before and after the talk.